Barrichello : “I feel sorry for Felipe”

Rubens Barrichello is one of the people who feels Felipe Massa was outdone by Ferrari after they replaced him with Kimi Räikkönen for the 2014 campaign. Barrichello believes he can still enjoy success in the top division.

“I feel sorry for Felipe, but I know there is life after Ferrari,” Barrichello explained to Brazil’s Total Race.

“I am a proof of that because of Brawn and everything that happened. Everything was really good, and there are some things that are even better after Ferrari.

“Driving for Ferrari is the most sensational thing ever, but after Ferrari there is a release, with a little less pressure and careful interviews. There is a moment of pain, but there is life after it.”

Barrichello who also left Ferrari in 2004 for Honda believes his fellow Brazilian situation is different.

“We cannot compare my situation with Felipe’s, because I decided to leave Ferrari with a Honda contract,” said Barrichello.

“But Felipe is a good driver and I think he can get a drive. I’ve heard that his best chance, the one he should fight for, is at Lotus.

“Really, he has to go to where his heart tells him and there is an open door.”

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